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Organization Profile


Founded in 1986, Houston’s first and largest network organization of Hispanic real estate professionals became a founding affiliate member of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) in 1999. In 2004, R.E.A.L. participated with other state affiliate members in the formation of Texas NAHREP.


Providing members with ways to establish relationships and alliances throughout the real estate industry, this non-profit organization focuses on two key areas promoting homeownership opportunities for Houston’s largest emerging market segment, the evolving and diverse Hispanic community.


For R.E.A.L. Members Supporting professional development through educational updates, monitoring developments in real estate practice, mortgage lending and tracking changing government regulations. R.E.A.L. has an established history of communicating with elected officials and policy makers concerning challenges confronting member businesses and the consumers they represent.


For Potential Hispanic Homeowners Education is critical in creating awareness of homebuyer rights, financial mortgage options and the importance of using Realtors and other professionals in the home buying process.


Equal opportunity in housing is addressed through the following educational and awareness projects


ACCESSING the PROCESS of HOMEOWNERSHIP Education really shines with outreach events in Spanish and English in schools, churches and community centers. The Hispanic community is shown how they can obtain their own thread to weave into the fabric of the American Dream.


RESOURCE CENTER Formed in response to calls from local TV and radio stations referring families victimized by fraud or discrimination in the pursuit of housing. R.E.A.L.’s commitment to fair housing and civil rights is upheld by providing intervention and guidance to aid in asserting their rights with the appropriate agencies.* The prevention of foreclosure twice and the return of stolen money were a few of the successful case files that resulted in a HUD Best Practices Award to R.E.A.L. in 2000.


ROUNDTABLE for HISPANIC REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS Marking the first time in Houston’s history that Hispanic real estate professionals have assembled to specifically discuss solutions to the challenges of increasing accessibility for housing opportunities for Houston’s Hispanic community.


Moderated by Houston City Councilman Gordon Quan, chairman of the City of Houston’s Neighborhood, Housing & Redevelopment Committee, the results are expected to be released to City leadership and the public in early 2005.

R.E.A.L.’s history reflects the belief that private property ownership is the foundation of America’s free enterprise system. In providing better housing opportunities to build strong communities, the achievement of homeownership for all cultures within the Hispanic community, and for all minorities, will continue to be the key symbolic experience marking the transition to mainstream American life.


* the State Attorney, District Attorney, HUD’s Fair Housing Compliance Division, Texas Real estate Commission, Texas Savings & Loan Commission, other regulatory agencies & occasional pro-bono attorneys. R.E.A.L. does not litigate.


Political Activity / Involvement Occasionally elected officials or candidates for public office address meetings regarding real estate industry concerns and private property issues. Because candidates and officials always inquire, here is what R.E.A.L. members and the public should know: R.E.A.L. is a non-profit organization and does not endorse or support, nor contribute funding or in-kind services to any public office holder, to any candidate for public office or for any type of political campaign.





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