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Activity Calendar



A complete list of R.E.A.L.’s meetings, events & activities can be found HERE


Download and print R.E.A.L.’s 8th Annual Golf Tournament Entry HERE


     Find the next meeting or event

     Helps the public & the industry better understand R.E.A.L.


     Answers those after-meeting / after-event questions,

Who was that speaker?

Do you have their e-mail?

What’s the phone number for the sponsor?



To sponsor or underwrite an event, please contact:


Rosa Magana, 281-531-9776 insurance@maganaagency.com

Ed Gonzales, 713-446-9021 edgonzales@EV1.net


To address or give a presentation at an event, please contact the Board Member overseeing the event


R.E.A.L.’s Pending Events can be accessed HERE


R.E.A.L.’s Past Event Speakers can be accessed HERE


R.E.A.L.’s Past Event Sponsors can be accessed HERE


Elected Officials & Candidates that have addressed R.E.A.L. can be accessed HERE





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