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to R.E.A.L. Houston’s Largest & Oldest Network Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Members include Realtors, title companies, mortgage bankers and brokers, insurance companies, inspectors, appraisers, home builders and many others from groups and trades within the real estate industry.


R.E.A.L. Unveils a Unique Marketing Video


“Obtenga La Casa Sus Suenos”

“Obtaining the House of Your Dreams”


Today’s prospective Hispanic homeowner husband & wife are often too busy working, including weekends, to take the needed time together to attend home buyer educational outreach events.


R.E.A.L.’s response is to take this important information to the Hispanic community via video.


R.E.A.L. filmed its home buyer education outreach session, with the same emphasis on credit counseling, financial guidance and a review of mortgage options.


Just like our live events, it’s all in Spanish, including highlighting the value and use of Realtors, Title Insurance, Inspectors & Home Insurance in the home buying process.


VIDEO CONTENT Starts with two educational segments: Becoming Creditworthy & Mortgage Options.* Instructive knowledge applicable to any type of mortgage loan product. The information as presented, mortgage experts say, has an expected shelf life of five years.


Following that first half of the film are segments explaining and promoting the use of Realtors, Title Insurance, Inspectors & Home Insurance. See a sample demonstration of the video HERE



By removing the cultural barrier of language in this introduction to the home buying process, Hispanic prospective homeowners have the opportunity to learn, to hear and read on-screen, at their own pace.


Your prospects have the benefit of playing back program parts for a better understanding and to develop questions for your follow-up.


An overview of the home buying process giving credibility to the real estate professional’s follow-up by giving prospects the information they want and need to know.

> Reduce the time spent in one on one familiarization sessions <


Unlike any brochure, door-hanger or mail-out, the video presents totally new marketing possibilities. For example, one R.E.A.L. member said, “After church over menudo in the hall, I’ll pop the video in the TV, stand there for questions, taking names and numbers.” Her own instant mini-seminar.

  • Attach your business card or label and create immediate rapport with promising prospects
  • Mail the video to call-ins for a persuasive follow-up call from you


Like any typical 30 minute TV program with commercials, in this video that can be you in your

commercial talking about your business, your service in half minute ads. Your ad inserted in the video creates a live business card surrounded by information your prospects want to see and hear.

  • Share costs with other pros. Example: 1 or 2 Realtors & a favorite lender in the same video

See the video pricing options HERE


* Juan Contla & Gracie Esquivel present a special version of what they have taught in an affordable mortgage program that has participated in more than 7,000 closed mortgage loans since 1996 in Houston, Texas.

The pre-purchase home buyer education & credit preparation information can apply to all mortgage loans.






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